1.The Balanced Art Multisport network of coaches, athletes, athletes families, sponsors and supporters.


2. the BAM support group for the purpose of motivating, encouraging, and uplifting each other in all areas of life. 


 BALANCED ART MULTISPORT was officially founded as a LLC by head coach Wesley Johnson in 2013, but can be traced back to when Wes first started coaching in 2008 with a philosophy; and an idea. Since those humble beginnings Balanced Art Multisport grew from one shared floor with a few computrainers, to a building of our own with computrainers, treadmills, in house bike fitting, sports massage, bike storage, and more. Wesley's coaching ideas and philosophy spread like wild fire with the success of his athletes.  Soon the BAM fam started to grow; now with multiple USAT coaches, a certified personal trainer, a bike expert trained in the best bike fit available, and a team bike mechanic. Balanced Art Multisport continues to grow and find success in its athletes all over the world